Lead Engineer


As a Lead Technical Engineer, you will operate and maintain all building systems, troubleshoot operations failures and re-establish building services; act as building systems expert in recognizing deficiencies in current systems, and understand and explain the impact of implementing changes to current systems or installation of new systems. You will also lead a crew in day-to-day operations and maintenance responsibilities, including scheduling personnel and tracking/reporting budgeted and unbudgeted expenses.



  • Perform maintenance and repairs on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC related equipment
  • Coordinates maintenance efforts with outside contractors and technicians
  • Maintain current and historical preventative¬†maintenance and repair records on all mechanical equipment
  • Coordinate annual fire alarm and life safety systems maintenance and repairs
  • Perform repairs, maintenance and replacement of building furnishings and other building components
  • Assist the Chief Engineer with supervising and coordinating activities of engineering staff while assuming compliance to policies and procedures
  • Assist with training engineering staff, including but not limited to:
    • Building Systems
    • Equipment function and purpose
    • Operation and maintenance procedures
  • Participate in the preparation of annual budgets, and overseeing daily account activities
  • Actively participate in house-calls by making adjustments and/or corrective actions to resolve work orders
  • Handle administrative responsibilities including crew leadership, scheduling regular work as well as overtime
  • Perform all maintenance activities in a safe manner in compliance with City, State and Federal safety and environmental laws, codes, standards and regulations


High School Diploma or GED Equivalent


3+ years of related work experience in operating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in a commercial property setting


Interested applicants can send their resume to: HR@Codina.com

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