Downtown Doral Highlighted in Global Miami Magazine Special Report

Downtown Doral Highlighted in Global Miami Magazine Special Report

In the bustling heart of Doral, where the vibrant pulse of the city beats strongest, lies a place that serves as a testament to urban innovation and community revitalization. Downtown Doral was founded in 2005 by developer Armando Codina and his daughter, Ana-Marie Codina Barlick, this dynamic district has been one of the defining characteristics of this vibrant municipality that has often been regarded as the economic engine of South Florida.

Global Miami Magazine’s special section on Doral, published in February of 2024, highlighted the remarkable transformation that took the city from being a commercial hub, to one that is now an epicenter of culture, commerce and community. The article chronicled the evolution of Doral since its inception, and how integral Downtown Doral has been in the City’s meteoric rise.

A Center For Culture, Commerce & Community

Before Downtown Doral came into existence, Armando Codina approached the newly formed City’s founders and said, “this is the perfect place for a Downtown, and we will create that for you without a penny of City money.” When the proposition went before the public, not a single member of the community voted against allowing Codina Partners to redevelop the area into what is now the thriving community of Downtown Doral.

The initial idea behind Downtown Doral was to create the ultimate place to live, work, play and learn in South Florida. Fast forward nearly twenty years and the vibrant town center boasts over 40 restaurants and retailers, with an expansion to its retail slated to come online in 2025, an award-winning charter elementary school, and a charter upper school that is part of the international baccalaureate (IB) program—offering an education that rivals that of private and parochial schools without a single dollar of tuition asked of parents. Downtown Doral will also be a destination for world-class healthcare with UHealth opening an ambulator center that will offer every imaginable out-patient service in the fall of 2024.

The community also offers unrivaled residential options, including its health and wellness minded lifestyle center, The Palma, that boasts more than 450 luxury apartment rentals. There are also three condominium towers, 5252 Paseo, 5300 Paseo and 5350 Park that consist of more than 600 units combined. Lastly, the Townhomes of Downtown Doral and the luxurious single-family community of Canarias each offer a seamless blend of urban and suburban. When it comes to lifestyles, Downtown Doral offers every array imaginable.

With its luring paseos that seamlessly connect its core with its outlying residential, a 3-acre central park that is home to cultural events throughout the year, a new Cultural Arts Center and the LUX Doral interactive art circuit, it is clear that Doral is setting the new standard for what it means to be a home for art and culture.

In its retail sector, Downtown Doral offers residents and visitors alike the ability to indulge in almost every cuisine type conceivable. In total, over 16 different cultures are represented—contributing to a unique, gastronomic globe-trotting experience during every visit. Among the eateries found in Downtown Doral are Bulla Gastrobar, Pisco Y Nazca, Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza, Pura Vida, The Doral Yard, Barbakoa by Finka, Spiked Rich Nitrogen Ice Cream, and so much more.

Success That Builds Upon Itself

Today, the retail center has experienced exponential growth since it started, the schools have have secured numerous accolades for their unrivaled dual-language education, the residential is at capacity and thriving, and our commitment to embracing art and culture has led to the amassing of one of the largest collections of outdoor interactive art on display in South Florida.

At Codina Partners, Downtown Doral is the most emblematic endeavor that not only honors our core mission, which is to leave every community better than we found it, but a shining example as to what vision and determination can achieve. Although Downtown Doral has parts that still remain to be reimagined, we will continue our practice of closely watching the needs of the community as they change, and build upon this unique and dynamic downtown to ensure it remains the ultimate place to live, work, play and learn in South Florida.

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